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About Integrated IR

Integrated IR is a leading investor relations consulting firm focused on providing comprehensive IR solutions for publicly traded technology companies. With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry and a proven track record of building strong relationships within the investment community, the firm delivers strategic, customized IR programs while seamlessly integrating with its clients' existing infrastructure. The result is a cost effective IR department with the benefits of an external firm's vital industry knowledge, thorough understanding of securities rules and regulations, extensive Wall Street contacts, and exposure to diverse IR issues.

All professionals at Integrated IR have directed corporate IR programs. As a result, these individuals possess the necessary skills and experience to guide management teams through the IR process to deliver clear and concise messages to the investment community.  Integrated IR understands that a company's reputation with investors is critical. Disciplined and thorough IR work can result in stronger relationships with the investment community, increased sellside coverage and maximized shareholder value.


Trust Integrated IR to design and execute your customized investor relations program and enhance the value of your company's IR strategy.


Integrated IR is committed to providing comprehensive and customized IR solutions for its clients. Whether a company is looking for a full-service IR program or help with a one-time event, Integrated IR can save you time and money when evaluating and implementing your company's IR needs.

  • Strategic advisory

  • Financial community relationship building

  • Crisis Communications

  • Targeted buyside/sellside marketing

  • Quarterly earnings preparation & management

  • Material press release development & distribution

  • Investor conferences

  • Corporate messaging

  • Analyst day preparation & execution

  • Perception studies

  • Presentation development

  • Stock trading/price performance monitoring

  • Peer analysis

  • Institutional ownership tracking and monitoring

  • Securities rules & regulations counsel

  • Investor collateral

  • IR website Development, maintenance, and enhancement

  • IR infrastructure & internal processes implementation

  • Corporate Communications

Connect with Us

For additional information, please contact Integrated IR at:
 assistance please call 415-377-0121.


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